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Vancouver…what a beautiful city! we were there before, but that was such a long time ago, that it was almost like a new discovery…

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We had great motivation to pass by Vancouver…

To see some very special friends…

and, not the least, to see my husband’s son (son of my heart) who lives in Whistler… And amazingly enough, his flight from San Francisco arrived less than an hour after hours from Tokyo. Even if we wanted, we couldn’t of plan better!

So we had dinners with our fabulous friends…

one night with a wonderful couple (descendants from Pakistan and India)… started as a professional relation, which soon became friendship…

and another night with another wonderful couple (from China) that we had met on a cruise, a couple years before…

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legendary clock in the heart of Vancouver…

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Our son drove us around and generously showed us as many wonders as possible…

Here is a breathtaking view of the Mountains…

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I’ve been dreaming of seeing bears all my life, since my father talked about them so much during my childhood… We were so lucky to see a female and her 2 cobs… and a little further on the road a huge male (not this one… but a real one! ;-)

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we went to Whistler’s Bobsleighs racing site of the Olympics 2010, the fastest track in the world!

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and I won! ;-)

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great breakfast in Whistler… at one of our son’s favorite spot…

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We saw Globetrotters (of another style). We only saw the couple walking from far, but their jeep was saying a lot about their journey! Apparently, they’ve been around the world!

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turquoise coat: Uniqlo (Seoul shop)
pink necklace: Bijou Brigitte (Madrid shop)
pink leather gloves: (Rome)
grey pants: street market (Seoul)
boots: (Madrid)
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Bye Bye BC! Love you!

with your grandiose scenery and spirit, and with the people who have a special place in our hearts… we’ll be back, promise!

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