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Walking out of the Spice market…
fresh from the grill…
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Walking around Galata Tower, on a soulful little street (Serdar-Ekrem Cd), where the new generation of Designers are establishing their windows… refurbishing old buildings while giving a trendy feeling in the air…

>photos comments

travel style
top: ‘Marlies Dekkers‘ (Amsterdam)
vest: Street Market (Amsterdam)
skirt: Zara (Madrid store)
belt bag: made in China (Madrid store)
leggings: Stella McCartney (Bangkok store)
boots: ‘My redesign‘ (Amsterdam + Istanbul)
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having apple tea on a roof… so many rooftops terraces with stunning views of the city….

the spice market… unique experience!
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the colors, the smells… but also the sounds, the voices…
morning… view from my apartment…

It’s ‘Apple Grenade’s (pomegranate) juicy season! It is full of anti-oxidants, and it is such a healthy way to quench my afternoon thirst, so I drink one almost everyday. It tastes sweet and sour, reminding me those candies i one day used to love…

>photos comments

travel style
silk turban: Souk (Marrakesh)
top: Benetton (Santiago de Chile’s store)
blue jacket: Stradivarius (Madrid store)
bracelet: (Berlin store)
necklace: made in Italy (Montreal store)
belt: (Milan)
boots: ‘My redesign‘ (Amsterdam + Istanbul)

it’s a cat city… and I am such a cat person! ;-)

I love Turkish coffee with this sandy earthy feeling… I saw some girls with their rings & jewelry on their upside down empty cups… so I asked them if it was for good luck… they said yes! so that day, my copper bracelet brought me good blessings!
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i can admire that unique skyline for hours…
one of my favorites here… lamb kebab in tomato sauce with yogurt !
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lots of little hills, so lots of stairs….
hmm… delicious meal on the Asian side..
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in the street markets of the old part, so crowded… but i love that lively spirit!

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...i enjoyed sharing this with you !