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(my new luggage > ‘Samsonite firelite‘ !)

I love to travel light, in Style and in high heels! ;-)…

All my material belongings are in here (apart from my toiletries… and in my carry-on: my jewelry, shoe wear and electronics)

My system is a mix of inspiration and experience… blend of techniques which have evolved over the years…

I fold everything vertically… this way i always see everything and there is nothing hidden under…

All classified by categories, then by colors…

“orange” is the new black.. but 4 of those are actually my ultra thin Uniqlo bags, where i gather the “impossible to fold” little pieces (so 1 for my gloves, 1 for my scarfs, 1 for my sleeves, and 1 for my ‘personals’ !)

And since I don’t ever really unpack and use my suitcase as a drawer… although I always cover it with a silk scarf… still, I reverse lots of my clothes for extra protection against dust.

time to pack: less than 2 hours…

I love to travel in style, and in a natural way, my looks constantly evolves… I’m open and excited by new trends, and i am stimulated by different cultures… I also adapt according to the weather. So I keep on finding and buying special things ;-) But to continuously update my wardrobe while traveling light, I have a couple rules, such as:

For each item i buy, the similar category or color has to go!

I give away what i don’t wear anymore! And every 3 months or so, i ship to my family a 5kg box full of the clothes…. and when i visit them once a year during summer time, we have a ‘Clothing Party’, now a tradition, where i give them everything i’m not wearing anymore (or choose to let go even if i still love it!). This system allows me to maintain my average luggage weight.


How I multiplied my shoes styles :

6 STYLES IN 4 - black boots



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...i enjoyed sharing this with you !