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from around the world

“When we travel with an open heart, our world is full of hearts!”

Wherever I am in the world… whenever I see a heart…, I love to spontaneously take a photo and share it with you… So Enjoy my Collection of Hearts that I found in Mexico city, Montreal, Madrid, Milan, Rome, Athens, Berlin, Istanbul, Marrakesh, Tokyo, Mumbai & Bangkok…

annual visit to my mother’s place… surprise! Carou LLou in Tokyo Japan - food Ramen - Hearts collection - CLL

Ramen soup… with hot red sauce heart, simple magic! Carou LLou in Vancouver stones Hearts collection+CLL

beautiful rock inserted in a wall…

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  - KLip - KLip Aparts Carou LLou on a cruise in the Caribbean - desert hearts collection CLL--

while cruising by… felt like we were on ‘The Love Boat’ Carou LLou in US Virgin Islands hearts collection CLL=
US Virgin Islands

little loving bus circling the town…
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special contribution ‘photography‘ from my great friend Cristel…

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Mayonnaise! as it was when opened it…

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bicycle light…(many of them were redesigned…urban art…!)
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cappuccino!…(where after the first time only, they remember exactly what you’re having & how you like it!)


at the house of my superb & very close friend ‘Brigitte‘ (P.S. this is my hair)
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oignon…surpise! nature’s treasure!


Cappuccino at the airport… made with love…

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a restaurant where we go once a week or so when we want to sit down for 1 night (rest of the week, standing up in tapas places! ;-)

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cappuccino….hmmm…always good..of course!

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  - KLip - KLip Aparts Carou LLou in Rome Italy heart pizza campo fiori+CLL

pizza on Campo Fiori… made with love!

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cat living in the streets… This is natural beauty mark…unbelievable!

>my posts on Istanbul Carou LLou hearts collection +CLL

drowned by my friend Brigitte in love with Bruno..

Mexico city

park(Parque Mexico)…’magical’ place… poetic & unique…

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rock i found on the street, and put on the table of a romantic Ryad…

>my posts on Marrakesh Carou LLou on a cruise in the Caribbean - desert hearts collection CLL
Sint Maarten

having dinner on board….and suddenly saw this tiny heart comfortably placed in the biscuit.
  - KLip - KLip Aparts Carou LLou on a cruise in the Caribbean - desert hearts collection CLL-

loving desert on a cruise… Carou LLou Hearts collection via La Face cachée de la pomme Hemmingford

my sister’s breakfast! (courtesy of ‘La Face Cachée de La Pomme‘)
(my special Hearts collection is also featured on my ‘KLipVoyage‘ website)

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...i enjoyed sharing this with you !