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My redesign…

I love to travel in style…& in my high heels ! (who says we can’t?)

Traveling light being my way of life, here is how I created 6 different styles with a mix of boots and sandals! ‘My redesign’ giving 2 possible styles for each pair…

The first time i cut my boots in 2 was in Mexico city. Then I got high heels boots in Amsterdam, sneakers in Rome, and full wedges ankle boots in Istanbul… But I have given up those 3 already…

So the only foot wear i currently have in my suitcase are here… A pair of track boots that i got in Amsterdam + a pair of white track bought in Barcelona + a pair of sandals acquired in Bangkok… Those 3 giving me now 6 possible styles when combining with my upper coff boots…








>other posts wearing my Black boots

>other of ‘My redesigns’: Auburn boots

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...i enjoyed sharing this with you !