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Amazingly enough, it took me quite some time to join
in the new era of Internet through Social Medias…
But since December 21, 2012, here I am… So it was not
the end of the world, but finally the start of my Blog!

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our farewell photo >

this is the photo we sent to our family and friends when we left for
good (It had such a profound effect that many of them also took
the risk of changing something in their own life!)

    hello, I’m CarouLLou…  

Over the past 23 years, I have visited 88 countries & I’m feeling inspired to share my Journey & Travel Style with you…(I always referred to the commonly known ‘UN’ list, but apparently it would be 99 countries according to the ‘Travelers Century Club’)

my ‘Mystery Photographer’ is…

My husband !… The love of my life for the past 24 years, with whom i made all those choices, share all my projects & do all my travelings… He calls me his muse, I call him my ‘mystery photographer’…my ‘Beau-tographer’ (all other photos are taken by me… as photography is one of my passions ;-)

our ‘jump into the unknown’…

Somehow even before becoming a ‘Global Nomad’, I was a “Local Nomad’ in my own city, having lived in 12 apartments over a period of 12 years, all in different neighborhoods…

And even before we met and fell in love in 1993, we were both already relatively well traveled, and each of us had already experienced long period of times in other countries… Also, right from the beginning of our relation, we were sharing the same dream of starting a business that would make us travel the world…

Then in 1994, together, we made the Life changing choice of leaving Canada… When we initially left Montréal (nous sommes Québécois), we had sublet our apartment, and it is in 1996 that we briefly came back to sell everything. We live ever since out of our ‘suitcases‘ (which over the years became less & less!)…

At the beginning, our length of stay was 2 years at the time, then it became 1 year, then 6 months, and eventually it became 1 to 3 months at the time… Our Nomadic lifestyle has evolved accordingly. So we went from ‘Expats by Choice’ to ‘Nomads by choice’.

And Oh! it hasn’t always been easy…but still, we never looked back…and always felt that we are living our lives to the fullest & we still feel that we are living our dream life…

my life as a ‘Nomad Entrepreneur’…

In 1990, even before I started to live abroad, I became ‘Location Independent’ (remote worker)… I started a ‘press clipping’ and communication business, going around with my floppy A disk between my apartment and a little office I had rented. So I was managing everything with computers, phones, photocopiers, and faxes in different locations (even remember working at some friends place!)

Then in 1994, when we initially left, I had set up a little telemarketing organization with 2 people taking phone appointments… and I had arranged to manage everything by fax, providing them with prepaid phone cards so that it wouldn’t cost anything to communicate with me and would make the distance irrelevant (so Yes, we left with our fax machine ;-)

As an Entrepreneur, I also started my ‘Life Potentials’ consultancy (later called coaching) & ‘International Business Strategies’ consultancy. And eventually, word of mouth, I had clients all over the world.

So when I had the ‘flash’ that I could do everything by phone and fax, from wherever I was, to wherever my clients were… I felt unlimited potential!

Then in 1998, when we were living in Bangkok, I had my first email & started my first 4 websites… So that’s when I went from “Analog Nomad’ to ‘Digital Nomad”. I was working in little cafés & hotel lobbies, calling those my offices… I remember people were really intrigued by my ultra light laptop (VAIO 1st generation). And of course, I could only upload everything with the dial-up in our apartment!… So I launched a few online businesses (fashion, consultancy, web design & hosting)… Some became successful, some others never really took off… And it is also in that same year that i started my 1st website of travel pictures & anecdotes (pre-blog era), intended for friends & family only. (It is so funny to still see all my old websites in the archives of the internet, now looking so tiny due to screen format and pixels of those days!)

I also eventually got into many co-ventures, setting up international businesses… where I was initiating putting together everything from A to Z, and my partners would eventually carry on with their own products and/or services… so some kind of Turn-Key business structures, some similar to ‘Drop-shipping’ model.

So ever since I set for myself a ‘location Independence’ lifestyle and experienced the freedom of it… whatever Business I start, Project I get involved in, or Investment i make… has to be fully manageable from distance, so that I can be anywhere in the world at any time… And still today, all I see is potential & I’m constantly excited by new ideas!

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...i enjoyed sharing this with you !