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my thoughts

To those of you who smile & laugh in public, but suffer alone in silence… we love you and we will try to be more present with you… . . . what determines...

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in my luggage

share (my new luggage > ‘Samsonite firelite‘ !) I love to travel light, in Style and in high heels! ;-)… And all that I have is in here! so this is an overview...

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6 styles with 4

My redesign… I love to travel in style…& in my high heels ! (who says we can’t?) Traveling light being my way of life, here is how I created 6 different styles with...

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Madrid is a city where I lived many times and always go back to. I love it in the day, but i am particularly transported by its magic at night. I love those...

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Rome… Colosseo… We could see it from our the entrance door of our apartment when we first lived in Rome (mid-2000s)… No matter how many times we saw it, we never ceased to...

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Berlin… share taking a photo of our loft, from the other side of the train track. In the basement, an old bunker for hiding, now turned underground art lounge.       tasting...

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Bangkok… I’m walking here on top of Banyan Tree hotel…Vertigo sky lounge on the 61st floor… breathtaking view at sunset   share                      ...

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Barcelona… share just came back to splendid Barcelona where we have lived twice… Once in 2001, then again in 2004, for a total of 2 years… So another one of our “home sweet...

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Istanbul… share Walking out of the Spice market…       fresh from the grill…                         Walking around Galata Tower, on a...

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brainstorm lunches

My social life in each country really depends on how long I live there. Actually, it has a lot to do with how long I ‘intend’ to stay there. So right from the...

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freedom & flexibility

Back In 1994, when my husband and I decided to leave everything behind to travel the world as Digital Nomads…, We also chose ‘Freedom’. And we feel extremely privileged to be able to...

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Amsterdam, another city where i feel at home… I have amazing girlfriends there and i make sure to live there a few months every other year or so. Of course, first thing i...

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Mexico city

We’ve lived here probably 1,5 years back to back since 2006. It was love at 1st sight. We’re so happy we ignored its bad reputation with danger and pollution, otherwise we wouldn’t have...

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Marrakesh… share I love the fire sun, its red tones and pure blue sky… but this is only a few of the so many wonders making this city one of the jewels of...

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travel style

  follow me                     ←get yours share   And here are my other Travel Styles during my summers in Thailand, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Panama,...

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Tokyo… Twilight zone…Enchantment into the night of ‘Neons Tokyo’…   >photo comments     share                                    ...

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4 in 2 auburn boots

My redesign… Traveling light being my way of life, here is how I created 4 different styles with 2 pairs of boots! It all started in Athens where I really fell for the...

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Miami… share though SoBe crowd have changed… still, Art Deco buildings are still proudly standing up… and we are so happy to see people we know from a long time ago    ...

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Vancouver… Vancouver…what a beautiful city! we were there before, but that was such a long time ago, that it was almost like a new discovery… >photos comments share   We had great motivation...

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Seoul… share We open our hearts to you and your people… We’re ready for our journey here… We already feel you are special… Show us your wonders, show us your ways, share with...

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21 years of love


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007 – Skyfall

Istanbul… Flash back / last November… This is the day after we saw the last James Bond : ‘Skyfall‘… Amazingly, we found ourselves in this typical old apartment of the city… giving us...

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happy Valentine

je t’aime ! You recognized him?… this is indeed my mysterious photographer…;-) Always together around the world… We married on Valentine day … so Today, we are celebrating our wedding anniversary ! 21...

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chinese new year

Bangkok… wow, I’m filled with joy for having spent the day celebrating Chinese new year !   Of course the best place to go to celebrate it is is always in China town…...

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Pisa… share Touristic site? yes, but such a unique historical land mark still really worth the detour. The first time we saw the Pisa tower was some 11 years ago… I remember thinking...

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Valletta… memories… On New Year’s eve of 2013, Malta has become our 64th country… We’ve been here just one day, but happy to have a chance to see a little of this special...

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hearts collection

from around the world share “When we travel with an open heart, our world is full of hearts!” Wherever I am in the world… whenever I see a heart…, I love to spontaneously...

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travel light & dance

my new luggage ! It’s time to change & this time I went for black… I just love my new suitcases!! … they are very design, very Italian… Grazie! Of course they are...

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Mexico city

spring – travel style

my Travel Styles while living in Japan, Korea, Turkey, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Malta, Croatia, Montenegro and Mexico… share      

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food – round the world


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where i’ve been

_______Interactive map of where I lived (green)… and where I visited (red) . _______   share  

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launching 21-12-2012

Launching today !… December 21 2012 is not the end of the world… It’s the beginning of my new phase of life , official start of my blog sharing my journey with the...

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